Even in a seller’s market buyers are picky!

Today most home buyers already have busy lives and their desire to renovate, update, and landscape wanes between being willing to do a few small projects to not wanting to even touch a paintbrush.

In our current NE Florida housing market, it’s a seller’s market. The inventory of homes for sale is limited. As a result, some sellers think they don’t have to make improvements prior to selling. These homes sit on the market longer and eventually sell for a lower price. Even in a seller’s market buyers are picky! Buyers who have the luxury of waiting will delay their purchase until a home meeting their expectations is added to the market.

Prior to selling in a seller’s market, homeowners should consider doing the following to attract even the pickiest buyers:

Improve the Curb Appeal – You can only make a first impression once! Most home buyers make a decision about whether they like a home within the first 8-10 seconds of arriving.  It happens before they walk through the front door! It’s helpful to add new mulch, plant flowers or shrubbery, pressure wash the exterior, and paint if needed. A new welcome mat only costs about $15.00 and makes a welcoming difference.

Declutter and Depersonalize – When searching for a home, buyers want to be able to visualize themselves living in the house they’re touring. If it’s cluttered with your favorite collections, old newspapers, excess furniture, etc., will be a turnoff to most buyers. Old wallpaper and bright paint colors may need to be neutralized.

Fix the Little Things – Perhaps the missing light bulb or squeaky front door in your house doesn’t bother you. When selling, however, buyers want to know the non-working light bulb doesn’t mean there is an electrical problem. Sometimes, it is the little things that make the biggest difference.

Clean, Clean, and Clean Again – The interior should sparkle when selling a house. Buyers walking through will notice crayon marks on the walls, dust covering surfaces, spots on the carpeting, etc. Clean out and organize the closets and cabinets, too. Buyers will peak inside to see how much storage is available. Cleaning may seem nonstop but if your goal is to sell, then the extra steps will pay off. And, don’t forget about smells. Nothing turns off a buyer more than walking in to a home with an off-putting smell.

Stage the home – Some people equate staging with spending a lot of money. Usually, however, it doesn’t cost a lot and it’s proven to make a positive difference. Staging frequently consists of removing or rearranging furniture and accessories. It’s a proven fact a staged home sells quicker and usually between 2 – 5% more than a non-staged home.

It’s important to remember, even in a seller’s market buyers are picky. Taking these steps will help improve the chance of selling and moving to the next destination!