Selling Your Home? The Best Way to Sell your Home

When the time comes to sell your home, you do not want to leave your future to chance. As your real estate professionals, we have the tools and system in place to help sellers be successful in the marketing and selling process. From marketing your property in the most effective manner, to ensuring qualified potential buyers view your home, to finding the right purchaser; we will guide you through the process.

Let’s sit down and talk about your specific marketing plan so we can assist you to sell your home in the best way possible. We can go over all of the details together and we are always here to answer any questions you might have. We are confident that we can work together to get your home sold! Contact us today to get started!

How You Can Help Buyers Connect to Your Home

Prospective buyers must get a feel for any home they considering purchasing. This means they must make an emotional connection by envisioning your property as their own. To enhance prospective buyers’ ability to form this emotional connection, they must feel relaxed and comfortable when visiting your home. For this reason, we always ask homeowners and their family members (including pets) to vacate the property at least twenty minutes prior to each showing, and not return until after the showing is complete. We will provide the prospective buyers’ feedback, as well as our professional observations.

Why is Pricing Important?

Along with staging, having professional photographs taken, and an effective marketing plan, pricing dramatically impacts the attraction of acceptable offers from qualified buyers. The price should be high enough to ensure that you receive a maximum return on your investment yet enticing enough to pique the interest of informed buyers with access to comparable sales information. The existing pool of prospective buyers, along with the following conditions, determine the value of a high-end property:

  • The property’s location, design, amenities and condition.
  • The availability of competing existing properties.
  • The availability of competing new properties.
  • Economic conditions relevant to real property transactions.
  • Your timeline for selling your home.

Home Seller Resources

  • Get a Free Home Evaluation: A properly-priced home will help you get the always coveted competing offers and drive up the final sale price. My free market analysis will consider the best features of your home, those features that set you apart, and home values in your area. I’ll provide you with a detailed evaluation report that puts it all in perspective for you.
  • Get a Feel for What’s on The Market: Use our search tools to get an idea of your competition.
  • Connect: Call, text, email, contact us by snail mail, whatever works for you. We can discuss our personalized plan for selling your home. There is no charge, and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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