Why do we use balloons when holding an open house? Recently I had to ask myself… do I really need to attach balloons to my open house signs? When I held my first open house I had 12 balloons to attach to several signs. Two balloons flew away before I could even attach them to the sign. Trying not to be wasteful for my next open house I had a great idea. I blew up the balloons and tied a few to each of my signs before putting them into my car to drive to the house for the big event. Feeling confident, I headed to my destination. Upon exiting the car with my signs I quickly realized I had made a big mistake. The balloons were intertwined and couldn’t be separated. If someone was videotaping me trying to separate the balloons it may have gone viral. For at least five minutes I tried unsuccessfully to untangle them.(It felt like 30 minutes!) Every time I got one untangled the wind blew, the signs fell over, and I had to start over. Each time this happened I got a little more exasperated, too. In retrospect, it really was a funny site! Finally, I gave up, cut them from the signs and decided to reattach them, albeit with the balloons flying shorter than I had hoped. After all, this is what draws people to the open house right? Well… I think this Realtor is going to have to find something better than balloons to use in the future